Dr. Claud Anderson predicted it…

We are posting this video because it was so powerful and accurate.


In 1995, Dr. Claud Anderson calculated and predicted that Black America would be a Permanent Underclass Status by 2015. Has this been fulfilled?


REACTION from Dr. Rosie Milligan, RN, Author/Publisher, Business Owner and Founder of Black Writers On Tour.

“Do you see what I see and do you hear what I hear, Black America? Your children’s economic future will depend on what you do today. Do you love others more than you do your children? Get others off your breast and breastfeed your babies—that’s the cultural and spiritual thing to do. Time is not on your side. ACT NOW!”

Please gather your family and have them watch this video right away.

What Can You Do?

  1. Go to www.powernomics.com and order Dr. Anderson’s books as a gift for you and your family. 
  2. Go to www.harvestinstitute.org and click on Articles, then click on Newsletters beginning with 2006 to see Dr. Anderson’s predictions and more.