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tokyo city philadelphia

I truly enjoyed my first experience with this airline!" Cons: "Baggage was lost in transit. But nothing major", Pros: "On time departure Food was good" Good food and entertainment" Cons: "The chairs were just a little uncomfortable, too firm, but everything else made up for it. Cons: "I felt cramp, which it's economy class so of course. They woke me up several times. We were then lucky again because we made it through security quickly and our gate happened to be right next to the security check we chose. ", Cons: "once again quantity and quality of food was below that provided by the five other international carriers I have used in the recent past", Pros: "I liked the choice of movies." Cons: "Landing was horrible worse landing I have ever had", Pros: "Great service Timely departure and arrival. Only one choice . ", Pros: "Arrived early" And boarding was a bit of a mess as announcements were hard to hear. Left side passengers were served a meal and finished before the right side was served food. They then handed out a flat bread pizza and where in a rush that they didn't give pizza to 3 people. ", Pros: "Customer service was awesome and the food was good", Cons: "The DC China Embassy web site clearly states that a valid APEC Business Card can be used in lieu of a Chinese visa. Not sure why there even were windows for these seats, as they probably just let in more sound. # food # drinks # # city # It would be nice to have one of their newer 787 planes instead. ", Pros: "Decent movie and game selections." Cons: "No announcement to acknowledge the bumpy ride", Pros: "Very clean and modern aircraft. But still did there job well." The movies were also excellent." Cons: "Seats weren't very comfortable", Pros: "Liked that my wife and I could have a two seat row to ourselves. Flew JAL 2 yrs ago too. I listened to the new slowdive for the whole flight." ", Pros: "Polite crew, got our selected seats, clean" I was super satisfied. The veggie curry and chocolate ganache were much tastier than I expect from airplane food." Book your tickets online for the top things to do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tripadvisor: See 118,442 traveller reviews and photos of Philadelphia tourist attractions. ", Pros: "Seemed like the flight attendants were upset to be at work on New Year's Eve. Flight left late. If I paid for a seat and I'm allowed two carry ons then there should be room for them. She also seemed to be rude to her fellow co workers. When the touch screen did not work, i had to use the remote control to do what i want it to do. There’s always a pungent smell. They were always smiling and good conversationalists." Coordinates of Tokyo, Japan is given above in both decimal degrees and DMS (degrees, minutes and seconds) format. People, including me, finally decided that the light was never going to be turned off and disregarded it, which I would think is much more dangerous! The flights were 1 hour and 45 minutes apart. They even had new releases on those list along with games and music. Cons: "Aircraft airconditioning was quite hot. The seats were also skimpy as it was a domestic flight", Pros: "I never find any problem with their detailed and kind treatment and service.Attendants are always smiling, efficient and pleasant. Cons: "Delta treats any passenger that isn't a member of their skymiles or anyone that doesn't purchase a seat in advance like peasants. Between-meal snacks. The flight attendants were generally attentive and thanks to the kindness of my ajacent passenger to my left, I could sometimes go to restrooms." Unfortunately it wasn't on the flight from Tokyo back to Los Angeles. Strongly recommend Japan Airlines." the food is so salty and so little!! Cons: "Need more E books and audio podcasts. Flight on schedule will be good. Cons: "No TV unfortunately", Pros: "Seating was ok but had better for a premium coach." Makes long trips like this one actually enjoyable." ", Pros: "Upgraded to premium economy and the seat was comfortable. Cons: "They ran out of the two food options, so many people were stuck with the fish option. Cons: "I loved it", Pros: "Food was great" The food was mediocre. ", Pros: "Nothing" Crew was amazing, helpful and friendly. ", Cons: "For an 8 hour flight it was tough to not have a backseat screen and an entertainment system. Dig deeper the charm of Tokyo. And the crew was quite rough. The staff is very professional. One gentleman had some serious problems there but it was clear he was not getting any resolution. The entertainment was excellent. Search for Philadelphia flights on KAYAK now to find the best deal. Cons: "Got delayed for almost two hours so rush hour in Japan was my welcome party and it was horrible, when you are on a tight schedule two hours is two much, lost my flight connection to Hiroshima, had to go on bullet train which added 4 more hours instead of 1:25 on a plane. Cons: "Movie selection, should've had more recent releases instead of flicks from the 90's. We've flown many airlines, Aeroflot, British Air, Delta, Iceland Air and KLM recently. ", Pros: "Good movie selection and friendly crew members. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. When my flight was rebooked due to a delay on my first booking I was upgraded to Permium booking and drinks were complementary on the flight from Atlanta to Philadelphia. Cons: "We were delayed by an hour due to a fuel issue. Cons: "Sometimes I am unable to understand what the announcements are saying. The location and menu you have chosen is currently closed and unavailable for immediate orders. by chance small upgrade to comfortable seats next to the emergency exit." ", Pros: "Food served was actually pretty good." ", Pros: "The service is always top notch from the flight attendant, food is better than most airline and toilet is always clean. Cons: "No food, no tv, flight attendants could be nicer", Pros: "Great selection" For more info, check here.Entry requirementsAll arrivals must present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result issued within 72 hours of their flight departure time. Crew professional. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight to Tokyo from Philadelphia is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. Crew was polite. The gate personnel did not provide any information that boarding was NOT imminent at that point, so you had to stand up to keep your place. Great way to travel! Cons: "For business class the food could be improved. The price shown for each flight will be the average for all passengers including any infants. ", Cons: "Cramped, old plane with no entertainment system. ", Pros: "The flight was on time the crew and captain was very helpful. Cons: "No complaints. ", Pros: "The boarding was fast and efficient, and the entertainment system was modern." Restaurant menu, map for Tokyo Sushi & Catering located in 19103, Philadelphia PA, 1701 John F Kennedy Blvd. the vegan meal was surprisingly good. It was our first time to fly with the boys, and we were nervous about the flight for this reason. Cons: "The flight attendants seemed unhappy, sassy and got frustrated easily. That is good. Who cares. Don't let it go. I also have to get out of bed between 11:30 and 1:00 to receive luggage. I literally arrived to the front desk 15 minutes before the plane departed. ", Cons: "Super loud. Schedules were ruined. ", Cons: "While booking the tickets I was told that my luggage will be checked in till my final destination but I had to collect them at Narita airport. They provided directions and a guide for travelers transitioning from domestic to international flights. The flatbread with weird combination of cheese, peppers etc after flying for 8 hours is just not good for any stomach. What about a gluten-free English muffin with egg instead? Quantas, Air China and Japan Airlines have much better meals. The Izu and I will never fly Air Canada again. But then we got to the gate and everything was totally fine like why did there have to be so much ado?! ", Cons: "This is a kayak feedback - I thought I bought a cathay/jal flight. Calculate Distance Search by airport name, city or IATA airport code. Cons: "No ice cream serve on board", Pros: "Quick boarding, comfortable seating and amazing flight crew." Cons: "Delay too much time", Pros: "Great service and great food" Movie offerings, not many newer releases. ", Pros: "Nothing I like about it ." Cons: "My particular seat had an entertainment system that only had about half the movies of the other seats. :)", Pros: "everything was great except seating" Some pilots make the flight more personal with their messages with their PA system. The certificate must be in English and the test must have been taken at most 72 hours before departure and the sample collection method must be 'nasopharyngeal swab' or 'saliva'. Cons: "Couldn't book preferred aisle seat...assigned a center seat. I feel like there could have been more, but it might be just me. We were booked into a later flight 8 hours later that was also delayed again due to weather but we did make it out of Detroit that night. Cons: "Bus rides to aircraft at Frankfurt", Pros: "Everything. Cons: "Crammed seats, poor quality entertainment system (but at least with access to in-seat monitor, while on the way to the US that was not available), no additional amenities of any kind, including in the restroom, bad quality and insufficient quantity for food and drinks, and the usual/to-be-expected poor/disrespectful attitude of the United flight and gate attendants. Cons: "It’s 14h flight. Cons: "Food suck . The food offering is also first class. Plus the food was inedible. ", Pros: "Great crew. ", Pros: "excellent seat space and excellent in-flight service. ", Cons: "Seats in economy were narrower than Eva Airlines", Pros: "Seating was comfortable, staff were very attentive and obliging, offered tea, coffee water etc frequently. This is bad because a 6A flight from RNO to SLC with a <50m layover and then a SLC to PHL flight means that you do not get any food until 11P when landing in PHL. Pillow, blankets, and headphones given." They did however, say, "I need to get by," and one of them brushed by the gentlemen sitting next to me and bumped his laptop and coffee. Fly from Tokyo Haneda on Delta, British Airways, Lufthansa and more. Cons: "I believe it is Lufthansa's responsibility to move my seat if I am seated next to someone who is taking up more than half of my seat for an 11 hour flight", Pros: "I liked everything about the flight. ", Pros: "JAL is the best airline I've ever flown." Cons: "The United flight so far was a terrible experience for me. There was no hotel accommodations at the domestic airport as the hotel was booked two months in advance!!! Cons: "The food did not sit well with me. Services at the front of the class were good but supplies dwindled and it felt as if the crew were either understaffed or overtaxed because despite genuine best efforts the rear of the class was under supplied. As some other reviews pointed out, BBC news just didn't work. ", Pros: "We flew out of LHR and from check in to landing the service was top notch. very friendly and caring. Cons: "N/A", Pros: "The choice of movies available via the seat-back entertainment system was outstanding - a mix of recent hits and older classics. Food was not good. ", Pros: "Food and entertainment" This was not just us. The recline was weak and there were no foot rests. Inforējam, ka šajā tīmekļa vietnē tiek izmantotas sīkdatnes (cookies). 5 int'l flights landing at same time. Tokyo Time Conversion to Africa Timezones: CAT EAT GMT Algeria Angola Benin Botswana Burkina Faso Burundi C. Africa Cameroon Chad Congo Egypt Eq. to board after we got to the gate (early) and due to turbulence over the Atlantic, the pilots could not make up the time. From service to food and entertainment was spot o. )", Pros: "The food was excellent and the stewardesses were extremely attentive and helpful. The crew are amazing. Cons: "Little surprised that the attendants were a little difficult to understand in English. For someone that has TSA pre check and travels alot, all that extra time adds up and can sometimes cause you to miss your flight. Very tight seating in coach. Maybe next time we'll take BA. Will now fly ANA flights to Asia if possible." ", Pros: "Wonderful crew..nice plane and comfortable seats!" Really good selection, only good thing about the flight." Many of the movies were recent releases and lots of award winners. ", Pros: "We got to board first" ", Pros: "Pilots were great. Also the economy was much better than any economy i've ever come to expect from other airlines." Cons: "kosher food is a no go. No comments to make in food or entertainment as not on offer ( as a domestic flight would not expect them). They had us all waiting in these series of lines in ropes and they kept having different flight groups raise their hands and keep them raised and like bustling people around to different grouped lines but it never left the one huge room, then security was a disaster and the guy in charge of everything was like having a panic attack being really sassy and rude to everyone.

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